Massage Therapy


At Complete Care Chiropractic, we strongly believe in the benefits of massage therapy in conjunction with chiropractic care.  By incorporating massage therapy with chiropractic care you can reduce the tension in the body and loosen it up so that the doctor can realign different areas with more effective chiropractic adjustments.  Massage therapy has been shown to speed healing and increase range of motion. 

When a patient experiences a serious injury, they often start developing scar tissue.  This scar tissue will cause the fascia to connect to the muscles which in turn leads to pain and a loss in range of motion.  Deep tissue massage is designed to provide pain relief by targeting the connective tissues that are deep inside the body. 

We currently have 3 licensed massage therapists on staff.  We offer a variety of massages including: Deep Tissue, Swedish, Myofascial Release, Trigger Point, Relaxation, Hot Stone and Prenatal Massages to meet your specific needs.   Our massage therapists can also incorporate our rapid release tool which uses the power of high speed vibration to relax muscles and relieve minor aches and pains.   

Meet Our Licensed Massage Therapists:

  • Tara

    Tara is a graduate of East West College of the Healing Arts. She has been practicing massage therapy for 15 years. Her unique style integrates aspects of Swedish massage, Deep Tissue, Myofascial Release, Trigger Point Therapy and Cranio-Sacral Therapy. Her massage is slow and focused with the intention of helping the body achieve a deep release and state of relaxation. She strives to make each session therapeutic for the patient by helping guide the body toward healing. Tara is also experienced in prenatal massage.

    When Tara is not massaging, her favorite pastime is spending time with her husband and 2 kids. She enjoys yoga, hiking, and cooking for lots of people. She's an avid reader who's known to read her book in the checkout line. She not only loves giving a massage, but loves to receive them as well.

  • Hayden

    Hayden has been with Complete Care Chiropractic for over a year and has been practicing massage for eight years after attending Anthem College for Massage in Beaverton, OR. He specializes in various modalities and techniques including sports and injury, deep tissue and relaxation. He is tentative and eager to assist in the healing of those in his hands.

    When Hayden is away from the office, he enjoys hiking, playing tabletop games and Dungeons and Dragons. He also enjoys stand-up comedy. 

  • Vona

    Vona, graduated from Altierus Career College and possesses an incredible natural talent and skill in massage therapy. She is well-versed in many areas of massage including Swedish, Deep Tissue, Trigger Point Therapy, Hot Stone, Myofascial Release and Cranio-Sacral. 

    Vona was born and raised in Alaska and in her spare time enjoys all things outdoors, such as hiking and camping. She also enjoys cooking and is a lover of tea. 

  • Joey

    Joey, the most recent addition to the Complete Care Chiropractic team, is an Everest Institute Graduate that has been practicing massage for 7 years. While he is well-versed in many areas of massage therapy, including Swedish, deep tissue, and trigger point therapy, he also specializes in therapeutic stretching. These additional therapeutic techniques include pin and stretch, resistance stretching, and table Thai. His therapy has proven to help greatly increase flexibility and mobility.

    In addition to massage therapy, Joey also has a degree in Information Technology and Networking and Operating Systems. Along with his love of technology, he’s an animal lover and a fan of board games.


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